Our task is to protect you and your digital future

The Digipomps Foundation is a nonprofit organization that will help you take care of your digital identity and personal data to give you the best possible way to manage them. The idea behind the concept is that both users and businesses get a better ecosystem if one builds on a foundation that puts the users ‘ rights and needs first.

The Foundation works for you to get functionality like secure authentication, authorization, anonymization and personal data warehousing as a free and freely available good.

For state and business, it means that by asking the user, you can access the user’s stored data from any services the user has collected data from.

Hear the podcast on Lørn. Tech about Digital identity

I was fortunate to be invited to Lørn. Tech to discuss digital identity with Silvija Seres


We need You

We can’t do this without help. The foundation needs both interest and resources to be able to bring up the platform. Are you a person who is passionate about protecting yourself online and adding to a digital future that is good for all people, so take the time to think about what Digipomps is working to accomplish.

Read about the background, the platform and think about what opportunities this gives you as an individual or company.