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About the Foundation Digipomps

The Foundation's purpose is to strive to protect users of globally connected digital services by developing, operating and maintaining a platform that offers secure authentication functionality, identity anonymization, personal data storage and Control of authorization against their own data. 

The EU and EEA nationals are currently protected by the GDPR and this Regulation gives citizens some basic rights, even if they use services outside the EU/EEA. Although this regulation is a good piece in the right direction, it is a great weakness that it is up to the companies how they solve this. A commercial company will focus on earnings before users ' rights, especially in light of the fact that users ' rights can stand in direct contradiction to earnings, even if just that is a matter of perspective. In addition, this leads to a difficult collaboration. If a group of companies goes together to collaborate on developing solutions and share data, they will experience a different amount of other competitors from their collaboration, limiting the possibilities and potential value of larger data sharing. A neutral platform that allows users to own their data and control other services ' access is the way to get maximum sharing of data and still take care of your privacy. A platform that will safeguard users ' data and rights will be able to build trust from users more easily if the primary goal is precisely to safeguard users ' rights. 

In addition to the GDPR rights, the platform will provide all users with a personal data repository. This is the key to building value in the platform. It is only the user himself who will have access to their own data. Should a service be accessed, a user's consent must be obtained to query the user's data. A user will then be able to use the platform to bring their personal data and offer to use them to create value or a better customer experience in other services than the information originally came from. This is how the platform will help commercial operators gain access to the largest possible data base that can be used for insight or otherwise provide a better customer experience. 

To ensure that the organization that manages the platform that guarantees users rights should not lose focus on the primary objective, the Organization is created as an ideal foundation. However, although a foundation itself entails some protection, it is important that a very thorough job is done describing the purposes and statutes of the foundation. The Statute shall protect against the reversal of the foundation's purpose and the takeover of interests that will attempt to directly exploit the platform commercially. Thus, the Statute will constitute a kind of constitution that protects its purpose and describes the fundamentals of the Organization and development of the platform.

Although the solution is for a large part an organizational, there is a lot of development and technology to be in place. Until the platform achieves critical mass, the financing bases itself on donations and support arrangements. However, if you are to create a sustainable platform that will exist to take care of us for the incalculable future it is essential that it creates an ecosystem that ensures that Digipomps is given the means to develop and operate the platform. So that all people's digital rights become a natural good everyone has free access to.

Contributing to your own future

Spend some time-preferably over a coffee or similar, and think about what this might mean to you and your most closely-mastered digital future. We need all contributions from being interested only in the topic of donating funds or taking active part in development.

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