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When this is in place, I want you to think about what it will mean to you, your children, the rest of your family, your friends and so on, whether you can create a digital future that puts the individual's interests and rights before the commercial. 

Today, the situation is that a lot of companies are buying and selling information about you without you getting to take part in it, you won't even know it. Even with the European Union's data protection regulation, the GDPR has very limited control and overview of its own information. Many people think that it is all well and good with privacy but that this is something you can't do anything about, that big companies have already taken controls or you don't think much about what this means at all. 

So, if you spend some time and think about this – what if there is a solution that is both best for you as an individual and at the same time is best for business and government? If there is really such a solution, make sure it sees the light of day. There is a solution and that's what we're working on in Digipomps. But we need your help.

Digipomps is a foundation that aims to work out a solution that safeguards digital identity and related personal data. The reason that the foundation is chosen as an organisational form is to ensure that never anyone takes over and alters the purpose of the foundation. Your data will remain yours, anyway. A foundation is self and cannot be sold to others. A side effect of this is that the organization can focus on what its purpose is, i.e. to safeguard the users ' digital identity and data, and not, for example, to sweeten shareholders. 

The way we want to achieve the purpose is to work out a platform that provides free access to services to help users – that is you and me – to confidently safeguard their digital identity and even manage their own data. The platform we call the HAVEN and it is created so that it is only the owner of the data that decides who will have access. Even Digipomps that develop and operate the platform will not have the opportunity to see the users ' data. 

It is of course natural to ask; What is it in this that is useful to me? Well-this way of organizing data, that is, having a personal data warehouse that has to do with it all, opens up a tremendous amount of possibilities. For example, an easy thing is to have one place to maintain your contact data so that you don't have to fill in data more than once and when you need to change your contact data so it changes for everyone you've given access to. In fact, it opens to allow you to avoid giving away direct contact data so that you can prevent your address from being resold to others. This will give you one place to organize all your consents and you can even choose to be forgotten by the services if you wish. And you can choose who you want to share your data with and what data is shared. This gives you an opportunity to take part in the value creation your data leads to.

Developing and maintaining such a platform requires resources. Once the service is up and running and has a plethora of profiles and many commercial players who see the value in the platform it will form an ecosystem where one can manage enough money back to the development and maintenance of the platform. But-getting there is a volunteer job. 

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