Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions is a gentle exaggeration – since the site and the foundation are fairly new and I am ar the first to admit that not so many have asked yet. If something you are wondering is not listed then send an email and ask

What is the Digisphere?




Digi-+ Sphere


Digisphere (uncountable)

  1. The Internet, digital media, and computers, taken collectively. Quotations ▼
  2. The digital addition to The hydrosphere, The atmosphere, The lithosphere, The biosphere.

The expression is borrowed from English and describes everything digitally and connected on the planet's surface. The other spheres of the planet are different aspects of the planet's surface and they affect all how the planet's surface evolves. For approx. 3.5 billion years ago, the last addition, the biosphere that has brought forward us which in turn is making a new and artificial addition to the planet's surface: the Digisphere. With all the sensors, simulations and human activity planning, we are making ourselves able to influence the development of the planet's surface. We create it completely ourselves and have the ability to construct it so that it we become a good to all people from now and to the planet dies. This we should not f * * ke up!

What does this mean for me?

Digipomps works to provide you with a platform that safeguards your rights and basic digital needs as a free and freely accessible good. The platform called HAVEN should be the service you can have 100% confidence in. All data you enter into the platform are yours and you yourself control how you want to use them. Digipomps is a nonprofit organization whose purpose is to safeguard your digital I. Purely practical it will, among other things, mean that you have one place to manage your consent, you can bring your data between services and you can decide if you want to cut the link to services you have intered with.

What does this mean for my business?

That means more things. You will be able to use authentication from the HAVEN. You will have one place to deal with your consent. Not least, it means that if you are good at talking to your customer then you have the opportunity to access data that the customer has taken from other services so that if you have too little data even to build insight of then you can ask the customer about this or want to bring data that you can use to provide a better customer experience.

It also opens for the ability to provide user data from interactions with your Web service allowing the user or third parties to add more data, or insights from existing data so that one can again take it into use in their own service.

Examples of possible use

What in the days does Digipomps mean?

Digipomp is a word inspired by the Greek expression psychopomp which means "tutor of souls". The idea is to protect and help the individual in the digital sphere.